I'm Nicola Taggart

And I believe that you are truly meant to live vibrantly.

You can absolutely feel stimulated, passionate and vital in every area of your life.

And I can help you do that.

Here's some background on who I am and what I do.


I’m a life and leadership consultant, strategist, trainer and speaker. I help people discover a more centered and conscious approach that increases their presence both at work and at home.


My clients are people who are generally achieving their goals yet have a persistent sense that there’s more to life. They may or may not know what’s missing.

Sometimes they’re trying to balance the demands of career success with a busy personal life. Some need help navigating difficult conversations with peers, employees and clients — or with loved ones. Many are business owners or corporate leaders wrestling with the transition from managing a team to leading an organization.

Sometimes they’re questioning the path they’re on. Sometimes life has thrown them a curve ball and they’re figuring out what’s next. Sometimes they know where they’re going and they want some support getting there.


I provide coaching, mentoring and training via personal coaching, group coaching, retreats and workshops.


Whatever their challenges, the people I work with are able to reclaim time and energy to think, play, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They feel more connected to their lives on a soul level, to their choices and their happiness. They’ve traded in “settling” for whatever lights them up.


Your happiness and fulfillment are directly related to your ability to embrace your own journey of discovery and personal evolution. When you have that inner grounding, you’re much better at managing all of your relationships. So you experience greater ease and success both at work and at home.

I also know that . . .

I’m not for everyone. But then, neither are you.

I’m not a productivity coach. I’m not interested in helping people get more business or take on more responsibility. I’m focused on helping people claim their own personal power to create the life they desire. And that's a path as individual as you are.


My Certifications

Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance, Certified Dream Coach and Certified Opposite Strengths Executive Coach.

My Training

Relationship coaching through the Relationship Coaching Institute, group coaching, coaching emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication and behavioral interviewing.

My Natural Gifts

Reading between the lines. Listening for what has heart and meaning. Knowing how to have uncomfortable conversations in compassionate yet effective ways. Understanding and navigating the nuances of human relationships. The ability to put people at ease with opening up about themselves. The ability to see the big picture and then create the steps to get there.

Also: a sense of humor.

My Professional Experience

Public relations, event and meeting planning, patient education program development, physician and nurse relationship management, employee relations, team retreat facilitation, organizational development and planning. More here.

Want More?

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