A Daily Practice for a More Peaceful Life

For anyone who feels overwhelmed by endless to-do lists and the stresses of daily life, this journal helps calm inner chaos by inviting you to process Today and reset for Tomorrow.

Filled with easy-to-follow prompts that encourage essential happiness habits — including self-care, kindness, gratitude, goal setting, and letting go — these pages offer empowering practices for finding balance at the end of each day, so you can greet the next one with clarity, purpose and joy.

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"It's breaking my addiction to screen time before bed."

The Calm the Chaos journal has worked perfectly for creating the healthy habits I want more of:  gratitude, organization, preparation and action. It’s easy to toss into my bag and use throughout the day. Best part — it’s breaking my addiction to screen time before bed!

— Cory S.

"It sets me up for wins on every level in my life!"

I love this journal. It’s functional, playful and insightful. I enjoy the process of connecting with all of the topics before I go to bed. I celebrate, reflect and set myself up for living in balance the next day. I can "sleep on" the intention and wake-up having it resonate on a deeper level. It sets me up for wins on every level in my life!

— Tricia P.

"I'm getting it for all of my business and leadership clients."

This is a such an amazing idea! I strive to create balance, gratitude and intention every day in my personal and professional life. This book is such a great tool to get me there! It helps me focus on the things that really matter each day and define where I should put my attention tomorrow. I like it so much, I'm getting it for all of my business and leadership clients.

— Jennifer O.

Inside the Journal

"I noticed how little I do for myself each day."

The first thing I noticed when I started using this journal is how little I do for myself each day. I was embarrassed that I had nothing to write for the prompt, “Did something just for me.” With this journal I am improving on this, which is great. I love writing what I’m grateful for and my most memorable moments. It’s a great way to finish my day. 

— Ann O.

"It reminds me to take care of myself."

With my Calm the Chaos journal I look forward to thinking about my day and planning for tomorrow—it reminds me to take care of myself. There have been a few days when I ended a little bummed out. But by the time I was finished with my entry, the day looked a whole lot brighter. I sleep more soundly with my day in the past and a new intention set for tomorrow.

— Becca B.


"My biggest benefit is a better night's sleep."

The biggest benefit I’ve gotten from using this journal is a better night’s sleep, because I write down all of the little things that would otherwise have nagged me as I was trying to fall asleep. And I don’t have to worry about forgetting something if I’ve already made a note of it! 

— Angela A.

"Keeps me focused on my intentions throughout the day."

This journal keeps me focused on my intentions throughout the day. For example, one day I wrote that my intention was to be forthright. And then in a difficult meeting, I was able to speak up and say my piece because I wanted to be forthright and not hide my feelings. 

— Heidi B.

"I'm getting so much better at my own accountability."

This journal is easy to use and doesn't take a lot of time. In just a few short weeks I've become more focused on what needs to be done and I'm getting so much better at my own accountability. I especially love the section on what I'm grateful for each day. I'm definitely hooked!

— Lynn A.


"I adore this journal! I'm not a naturally organized person, and most organizational tools just can't keep me engaged. The intentional quality of the journal keeps me organized in an outward and inward way."  — Lauren W.