You are meant to live vibrantly.

Energized. Engaged. And in full color. 

But the daily barriers can leave you feeling drained, dull, distracted and dissatisfied. The constraint of cultural expectations. The pressure to pursue goals that others have defined for you. The constant chaos of daily living that overtakes your attention toward a more soul-satisfying life.

You can create a life that brings you greater joy and fulfillment.

A life built on your own definition of balance and success.

A life where you fully own who you are and what you bring to the world.

Beautifully. Brilliantly. Brightly. 

Connecting to your purpose, priorities and presence in a way that better serves you — at work, at home and in your community  — is a highly personal journey.

I can help you get there.


Want help calming your own chaos so you can shine brighter?

While everyone I work with shares the goal of living a more vibrant and more sustainable life, your own journey is highly personal.

Contact me to schedule a conversation — complimentary, no obligation — to discuss what you need. Let’s explore how I may be able to help you.

Nicola Taggart  |  Email me
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JUST RELEASED by Chronicle Books. A daily practice for a more peaceful life.

I offer personal coaching and mentoring, as well as full- and half-day group workshops. I also present keynote speeches on effective communication, team-building and self-empowerment.

I’m not for everyone. But if you feel like the life you have is keeping you from getting the life you want, then I can help you figure that out.

Finding Nicola was a lifeline when I felt as if I were drowning in the demands of my career, kids, marriage . . . and trying to manage it all well. We defined priorities and made space to dream big. No matter what I struggled with, Nicola always had the right strategy to work through it.” 

— Ellen G.